Important Jailbreak

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Damien Du Preez
May 18, 2019
Sala, Sweden
How to play

As Terrorist
Your goal as a terrorist is to survive the round by following the Wardens commands! You will have to go through different games and activities that the Warden sets, and use skill and luck to overcome them. At the end of the round, the Warden has the choice to ask you to activate Last Request (!lr), which is a menu with multiple different and challenging 1v1 games to choose from.

As a rebellious terrorist, your goal is to kill the Prison Guards (CTs) with weapons you find around the different maps that are available to play. There are also Secrets and Vents you can take use of, to get an advantage over the CTs.

As Anti-Terrorist (CT)
As Warden, your job is to plan out and decide what games and activities the Prisoners (Terrorists) are going to do. If you are not Warden, your job is to protect and assist the Warden in keeping the Prisoners in line. If needed, the Warden will ask Guards to look for rebellious Prisoners. If the Warden dies, a Guard must as soon as possible become the new Warden (!w), and set out new commands for the Prisoners to follow.

T & CT Rules

#1 Ghosting is strongly disallowed.

#2 It is not allowed to take advantage of glitches and bugs (such as bugs to get out of the playable map area).

#3 During "last request" (!lr), you are not allowed to add rules that would clearly put the other player at a disadvantage.

#4 It is not allowed to kill a player that is partaking in "last request" (!lr), unless it is a part of the !lr gamemode.

#5 It is not allowed to abuse !lr in any way, such as using it without the Wardens permission.

#6 The "Zeus" (Zeus x27) does not count as a weapon.

T Rules

#1 If you have a weapon and you are aiming at a CT, you are considered a rebel. This is valid even if the weapon has no ammunition in it.

#2 When the current Warden dies, their rules and commands are invalid. The new Warden, if there is one, must set forth new rules and regulations.

#3 You need the Wardens permission to use Last Requests. (!lr)

#4 During the "War" gamemode, you must actively look for the CT(s). You are not allowed to mess around.

#5 During the "Hide in the Dark" gamemode, you are not allowed to hide in the armory.

#6 During any Last Request, you must set rules.

CT Rules

#1 The first round of any map with all previous players partaking, must always be a "Freeday".

#2 You must have a working microphone to be a "CT".

#3 "CTs" are not allowed to "bait", this means to go close enough to a "T" so that they may knife / kill them.

#4 As "CT", you are always allowed to kill "Rebels", except during instances of rule #3 (CT).

#5 "CTs" are not allowed to say "Any Ts who use their mic will die.".

#6 It is not allowed to play multiple rounds of "Hide in the Dark" one after another. This will lead to eventual CT bans.

#7 As "CT", you are not allowed to Freedamage or Freekill in any circumstance. This is, for instance shooting a T who has not broken any rule, or killing a T who has not broken any rule.

#8 As Warden, you are not allowed to tell your own "CTs" that they must die intentionally or otherwise. The Warden may give out 3 "Punish rounds" to a player in a row. Punish rounds are rounds in which the punished player must die at the start of the round.

#9 During quizzes, 50/50 and the like, the Warden must type the answer in CT (Team Chat), beforehand. As in, before the T answers.

#10 "CTs" are not allowed into cells and/or vents before 13:00. This rule is not applicable during special rounds. (Special Gamemodes).

#11 You are not allowed to abuse the "Zeus" by freezing prisoners to look for "Rebels".

#12 "Simon Says" and "Shoot or Don't shoot" is not allowed with 3 or less prisoners.

#13 It is disallowed to deceive or confuse during "Evil Simon Says" and "Drunken Simon Says".

#14 If the Warden hasn't given out commands as to what the prisoners should do before the cell doors open, and the cells open, it is a Freeday.

#15 As "CT", you should always be active and trying to help the Warden as best as you can, whenever you can. No messing around!

#16 Finally, you are NOT allowed to camp the armory.


100% freeze = You are not allowed to move at all!
75% freeze = You are only allowed to look around!
50% freeze = You are allowed to look around and knife!
25% freeze = You are allowed to do what you want as long as you don't walk away!

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the rules, contact indefinite.
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