Accepted Ban Appeal wenzo

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May 24, 2022
User name: wenzo

Which platform are you banned on?

What server / gamemode were you banned from?

Why were you banned?
Had a "HvH" cheat injected in my csgo... (a year after i quitted hns).

Why should we unban you?
Uhm, so I quitted hns may 2020 I think. But a while ago (december 2021) I decided to hop on cs to play some hns for old times sake, also to see what players that still plays.
But then I saw that I was banned on ur server and thought it was weird, but didnt rly bother because i didnt play the game anymore.

Even tho im not playing that often I wanted to ask for a unban. I understand if its not possible.
I used to play hvh before, and its a high possability that I went from hvh to hns and forgot I already had a injected hvh cheat in my cs. It was a long time ago so I don't remember it that great. Its also possible that I did it on purpose, and if thats the case I want to apologize if I made the game unfair for anyone.

No ones perfect. Everyone does mistakes sometimes. But u also learn from them. Give me this 2nd chance and ill prove that I dont cheat in any way anymore.

Do you agree to follow the rules if you are unbanned?
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